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    Yamaha DTX 720K

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    Yamaha DTX720K

    Combining the superior playability of the DTX-PADs, real hi-hat controller and natural sounds, this system is superb for authentic training to really improve your acoustic drumming skills. The DTX720K features all DTX-PADs for the snare, toms and floor tom in a compact configuration. With a real hi-hat controller that mounts on the included hi-hat stand, plus our 3-zone cymbals, this kit provides great feel anywhere you play. The 3-zone snare pad can be precisely positioned with the ball clamp mount, and the kit can be expanded with up to three more pads. Module: DTX700 Snare: XP80 Tom1, 2: XP70 x 2 Floor Tom: XP70 Crash Symbal1, 2: PCY135 Ride Cymbal: PCY135 Hi-Hat: RHH135 + HS740A Kick: KP100 Rack: RS502 *Kick Pedal not included
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    Yamaha DTX 450K

    $1,099.00 $899.00
    Yamaha DTX450K comes equipped with 10 professional drum kits made with world-famous sounds from throughout the history of drums including Yamaha's legendary acoustic series. This deluxe model includes the new TP70S snare pad that allows playing snare head, open rimshot, and closed rimshot voices in each of the three zones for more musical expression. Your feet will appreciate the genuine Yamaha bass drum pedal that provides authentic feel for the kick drum, and the HH65 adjustable hi-hat controller pedal. Three 10 cymbals are mounted to chrome cymbal stands on a steel rack system to provide a solid foundation for your rhythm sessions.