We carry a wide range of percussion, from bright, fun educational stuff for the kids – like triangles, hand bells, egg shakers – to top end djembes and bongos from Remo, Latin Percussion, Toca and Meinl. We also have a huge selection of tambourines, priced anywhere from $8 up to $180, and a great range of bodhrans ranging from a wee little one for $30 and gorgeous tunable 20 inch drum at $229. Please call us for more information on any of our percussion – 02 4782 1121.

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    Yamaha Gigmaker Fusion Drum Kit

    The configuration of the rock kit is as follows: 20” x 16” bass drum 12” x 9” and 10” x 8” mounted toms 14” x 14” floor tom 14” x 5.5” snare Paiste 101 Cymbal Pack with 1 crash/ride and 1 pair of hi-hats. Bass drum pedal
  • Waltons Classic 18″ Bodhran

    • Handcrafted from the finest woods
    • Heads made from real goatskin.
    • Come with a hardwood beater/tipper
    • Suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced players.
    Waltons Classic range of standard bodhrans are handcrafted from the finest woods, with heads made from real goatskin.  All bodhrans come with a hardwood beater. Suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced players. Model: 10AWAL-1900-418-BR
  • 15 inch Traditional Irish Bodhran Pack. Walton's Classic bodhrans are handcrafted using the finest materials - strong, laminated wood frames, solid wood handles and genuine goatskin heads. The pack comes with a soft cover, a hardwood beater and the Bodhran Basics DVD tutor by Connor Long. Learn to play the essential rhythms of Irish music. Includes a guide to caring for your bodhran. Suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced players.

  • Toca 12" djembe calf head mahogany body 12 coats of teak oil various designs

    • Carved from single, solid piece of wood
    • Turned shell with consistent wall thickness
    • Grooves and ruts on the interior oft he shell eliminates over tones
    • Hand carved shell bearing edge
    • Very robust despite its light weight
    • Finish: African Mask #AM
    Also available upon inquiry in four sizes: 12" x 7", 16" x 8" and 20" x 10". Two traditional hand-carved designs