kala EliteUSA Full Banner2 - Kala Archtop Tenor Ukulele (Metallic Black)

The big kahuna of today's Ukulele World. Kala can take you from an Inexpensive Starter ukulele to a Professional Level solid wood piece of art, and everything in-between. Banjoleles, Guitaleles and the world famous UBASS

Travel about 30 miles north of San Francisco along the historic 101, past the city’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and you will cross the Sonoma County line and start to see a lot of...well, cows.

We are Kala Brand Music Co. and we are from Petaluma, CA. Our hometown is nestled in the Sonoma wine country and a harbor to an eclectic mix of artists, farmers, breweries and tech companies. We are a community deeply rooted in creativity and culture, spread across the many platforms and mediums of art, food, dairy and music.

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