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Mid-Year Clearance! We’ve taken 20-35% off selected instruments plus in the store specials till the end of the financial year! And don’t forget to ask about Ian’s hidden surprise deals!

(It’s behind you, …behind you!.)

Our mid-year clearance deals are a way to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the end of the financial year with a little self love. All year you’ve been standing in front of the pedals and effect unit cabinet dreaming of taking your plain bland guitar work and elevating it to something ‘winter magical’. Well now you can with every pedal in-store being reduced by 20% and some as much as 30%. See below for the extreme specials.

Some items may be shop worn or returned items but all are in new or almost new condition and have been checked out (and in some cases improved upon) by our shop technicians, (yes that’s Ian and Stefano).

$265.00 AUD $379.00 AUD

The Tap-A-Delay is a 750mS digital delay that mixes the original analog signal with the delayed signal.

$265.00 AUD $379.00 AUD

he Cusack Music Tap-A-Whirl V3 is the world’s first analog tremolo pedal with Tap Tempo built in.

Cusack Music Screamer Fuzz
$199.00 AUD $289.00 AUD

This pedal includes all of the great tone of the Screamer V2 (minus the actual “Tone” knob), and adds a very unique kind of fuzz.

CUSACK Cable Tester
$79.00 AUD $119.00 AUD

Cables go bad—and when they do, you’re stuck. Many cable testers exist, but none of them were made with guitarists in mind.

$259.00 AUD $289.00 AUD

Cusack’s Reverb SME (size modulation emulator) is a rather simple ’verb with a surprising number of variations neatly tucked into a four-knob setup.

Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow Overdrive SOLD
$209.00 AUD $299.00 AUD

The Sacred Cow is a playful nod to two classics: The legendary, elusive, gold standard overdrive, and the center of Texas culinary tradition, Beef.

Mojo Hand FX One Ton Bee
$119.00 AUD $165.00 AUD

The One Ton Bee was inspired by the legendary fuzz pioneers The Ventures and their double sided single, “The 2000 Pound Bee.”

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