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Danelectros in the house.

It’s been a while since we had a full contingent of Danelectros in the store so this week we have eight, yes count them eight on display to select from.

If you’re not familiar with the Danelectro brand  they are from  Nathan Daniel – Father of the Lipstick Pickup.

The lipstick pickup was the brainchild of electric guitar innovator Nathan Daniel. He founded his own company, Danelectro, in 1947, manufacturing musical instrument amplifiers of his own innovative design. Two of his largest customers were Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward, for whom he produced amps that were cosmetically distinct from his own Danelectro amps. These were sold under those retailers’ own brand names, Silvertoneand Airline, respectively.

In 1954, he began manufacturing guitars under both the Danelectro and Silvertone labels (he never made guitars for Montgomery Ward). Daniel continued to innovate throughout his career with baritone guitars and models such as the Coral (electric) Sitar, which, unlike the classic Indian sitar, could be easily played by any guitarist.

Daniel could be likened to Henry Ford in that he was constantly developing new ways to keep production cost down and output maximised. Many of the key elements that contributed to that particular Danelectro style were originally conceived to simplify production – Masonite top/backs, stacked knobs, tape binding, metal nuts, and the simply constructed pickup.

We have eight on display in store at the moment including one of the electric sitars along with 2x 12 string and a longhorn bass. All of them are at a great price so come in soon to check them out and to see the full range on the Website click the link below.


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