3 Monkeys Amp – Organ Grinder

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3 Monkeys are the product of guitar / amp techs who worked with Aerosmith , Jimmy Page and many others. This boutique , handwired in USA valve amp, delivers 15 watts of creamy loveliness. This amp belies its size and fills a room in a non directional manner. The Organ Grinder is geared towards Tweed and 50s Gibson Les Paul amp sounds..


3 Monkeys Amps – Organ Grinder

With a classic NOS 5879 pentode pre-amp tube and a dual 6V6 power section, the Organ Grinder has a unique yet familiar tone.

The love of the 50′s Gibson Les Paul and Fender Tweed Deluxe amps were the inspiration for this unique amp. 3 Monkeys also crafted another one of thier retro-style cabs, skinned in Vintage Briar and Fawn accented tolex. Controls are VOLUME (pull to switch between Tweed or GA-40 style tone stack), TREBLE, BASS, and CUT (defeat-able when turned fully counterclockwise). On the back is a switch to run the NOS 5879 in TRIODE or PENTODE mode. The speaker is a 12″ Celestion Greenback. This little monster will get you in Walsh, Neil Young, and Gibbons territory.

Two 6V6 Output Tubes (Cathode Bias)
One 12AX7 Preamp Tube
One NOS 5879 Pentode Preamp Tube
Output around 15 Watts
Celestion 12″ Greenback Speaker
Volume (Pull Tweed or GA-40 style tone stack)
Cut (Defeat-able)
Vintage Briar and Fawn Tolex
Brown Plexi panels and logo
Switchable Triode/Pentode mode
Dimensions: 18.75″W x 17″H x 8.25″D
Weight: 12.7kgs



3 Monkeys

Since the initial launch of The Orangutan in late 2008, we here at 3 Monkeys, work on not only producing amps on a daily basis, but prototyping new circuits and updating our existing amp designs.
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