Danelectro 56 Baritone (Bottle Headstock) Black Metal Flake

Danelectro 56 Baritone (Bottle Headstock) Black Metal Flake

Danelectro’s ’56 Baritone is too cool to not have in your arsenal. Now with higher impedance, high-output Lipsticks, it’ll give you deep, rich tones via master volume and tone controls and a 3-way pickup selector. Features include a short-scale neck with 24 frets for playing comfort and a fully adjustable bridge for precise intonation.

Dan Electro 150x150 - Danelectro 56 Baritone (Bottle Headstock) Black Metal Flake


Danelectro 56 Baritone (Bottle Headstock) Black Metal Flake
The 56 Baritone is a guitar that has a unique tone. Typical of Danelectro guitars, some sacrifices in quality are apparent. However, what the Danelectro 56 lacks in quality it makes up for in personality.

The body is light and semi-hollow. The black metal flake finish, the guitar offers, is an aesthetic thrill. The 56 Baritone is a very comfortable instrument. The neck thickness is reasonable, with a shape that feels reminiscent of a Fender. Your fingers will notice the longer, 29.75-inch scale, but the action is great.

Though comfortable, the 56 Baritone is not a shred machine. Wild bends are pretty much a non-option. Moreover, as noted above, playing with wild abandon may not be a good option due to the risk of popping a string out its saddle. If you have ever played a Danelectro guitars (one built since the mid 90’s brand revitalisation) other than the 56 Baritone ots tone will be familiar: its the standard Danelectro tone, but lower and darker.

The 56 Baritone has the classic-sounding tonehas an earthy snap which can be heard especially with the three-way selector in the middle (both pickups) or the bridge pickup position.  The 56 Baritone’s tone is dark enough and warm enough to keep such tonal characteristics from being over powering or annoying. This extended scale electric also shines when you pull back on the attack, switch to the neck pickup and finger pick your way through your favorite progression. It also sounds down right inviting with a little bit of creamy distortion and some noodling or roots-rock chord work.

The Danelectro 56 Baritone has a fun retro look and a useful pallet of tones. Though not the most versatile electric baritone on the market, those seeking sounds ranging surf music to Elvis Costello-inspired retro prop and creamy roots rock will find the Danelectro 56 Baritone to be a great option.



Danelectro is a US designer and importer of musical instruments and accessories, specializing in guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and effects units. The current owners bought the name in the late 1990s from a previous Danelectro company, an American manufacturer of electric guitars and amplifiers that went out of business in 1969.
Dan Electro 150x150 - Danelectro 56 Baritone (Bottle Headstock) Black Metal Flake


  • Single-cut body shape
  • Bottle headstock
  • Number of frets: 24
  • Fully adjustable bridge
  • 2 Fat Lipstick Pickups (extra turns, higher impedance, higher output best Lipstick for baritone)
  • Master Volume and Master Tone
  • Pickup Selector