Danelectro ’59 MJ White


Danelectro Dc 59 in a black sparkle finish. If you haven’t played a Dano before its an absolute treat. The body is light and comfortable and the neck fast and smooth. Low action adds to the playability of this machine. Nobody will ever mistake this for a metal axe, but if you are looking for something funky with a unique tone this is your guitar!comes with a gig bag. If you have any questions at all please phone!

Dan Electro 150x150 - Danelectro '59 MJ White


Danelectro was an American manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories,
specializing in rock instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and effects
units. Danelectro always made insanely great gear. They pioneered tube amps in the
40’s. Their guitars were king of the rock scene in the 50’s and 60’s – Top players still
love them – Collectors snap them up! The current range of Danelectro reissues are
made in Korea, are built to original specifications, and still have all the mojo and vibe
of the original instruments. Hearing Is Believing.

Our classic ’59 equipped with stellar 56 Lipsticks® wrapped in eye catching metal flake finishes.
Shorthorn shape
Scale length: 25″
Number of frets: 21
Fully adjustable wraparound bridge
2 ’56 lipstick® pickups
2 stacked tone and volume controls
3 way pickup selector




Danelectro is a US designer and importer of musical instruments and accessories, specializing in guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and effects units. The current owners bought the name in the late 1990s from a previous Danelectro company, an American manufacturer of electric guitars and amplifiers that went out of business in 1969.
Dan Electro 150x150 - Danelectro '59 MJ White