Danelectro DBS68 Reissue Baby Sitar SB

’68 Baby Sitar, Gotah Sitar Bridge & Lipstick® Pickup

Add the unique sounds of the Danelectro ’68 Baby Sitar to your line up! With a gotah sitar bridge, and the distinct sounds of a lipstick pickup, the 1968 Baby Sitar oozes the sweet tones of the 1960’s. Danelectro was an American manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories, specializing in rock instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and effects units. Danelectro always made insanely great gear. They pioneered tube amps in the 40’s. Their guitars were king of the rock scene in the 50’s and 60’s – Top players still love them – Collectors snap them up! The current range of Danelectro reissues are made in Korea, are built to original specifications, and still have all the mojo and vibe of the original instruments. The overall quality and playability of Danelectro guitars is second to none. Hearing Is Believing.

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Dan Electro 150x150 - Danelectro DBS68 Reissue Baby Sitar SB


When the Coral electric sitar appeared in 1967, it was not outlandish to think Indian classical textures might become as common as Appalachian or African sounds and rhythms in pop and rock. “Paint It Black” and “Norwegian Wood” soared on sitar-based hooks. And The Byrds’ “Eight Miles High” helped demonstrate that the fusion of raga and rock could be a quite intoxicating—and very lucrative—hit-making brew.

None of this was lost on opportunistic music producers downstream from the Beatles/Byrds/Stones axis of hip. Nor was it lost on New York session man Vinnie Bell, who suddenly faced an uptick in requests for quasi-raga guitar parts. Bell (whose exploits as a technical wiz and session ace are well-documented elsewhere) was crafty, and with the help of Danelectro (who sold guitars under the Coral brand) he developed the first electric sitar. The Coral was cool, but it was a handful—with an impossible-to-intonate “buzz bridge,” an array of 13 sympathetic strings, and three Danelectro “lipstick” pickups. It wasn’t cheap either—at least by Danelectro standards. Still, Dano saw promise in the concept and released a simpler streamlined version, sans sympathetic strings. That Danelectro sitar lives again as the Baby Sitar. At $499, it’s the most accessibly priced electric sitar we’ve seen since the originals started populating pawn shops.



Danelectro is a US designer and importer of musical instruments and accessories, specializing in guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, and effects units. The current owners bought the name in the late 1990s from a previous Danelectro company, an American manufacturer of electric guitars and amplifiers that went out of business in 1969.
Dan Electro 150x150 - Danelectro DBS68 Reissue Baby Sitar SB