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Hartke KB12 500 Watt 1×12″ Hybrid Bass Combo

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Hartke KB12 500 Watt 1×12″ Hybrid Bass Combo

Hartke has long been a major bass amplification player. The mid 80s highlighted their use of the aluminium cone driver which began to pop up everywhere. Players such as Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, Marcus Miller, Will Lee and even Jaco himself use/have used their wares and with a solid line of amps and cabs they continue to produce top quality bass gear via an affiliation with Samson Technologies. Not forgetting the little guy, or smaller bass scenarios, they’ve recently reinvigorated their ‘Kickback’ combo range resulting in the new and improved KB12 Kickback Bass Combo.

hartke 150x150 - Hartke KB12 500 Watt 1×12″ Hybrid Bass Combo


Hartke KB12 500 Watt 1×12″ Hybrid Bass Combo

Enjoy high-performance bass with this Hartke KB12 500-watt 1- x 12-inch hybrid bass combo. The classic-style enclosure gives the Kickback 12 a familiar look with 500 watts of class D power for powerful sound. Patented HyDrive speaker technology uses high-quality paper and aluminum hybrid cone drivers that give your audio a warm yet aggressive tone, and the rare earth neodymium magnets keep each unit lightweight and portable.

Use the shape knob and full three-band equalizer to adjust your tone precisely to the needs of your music. These controls provide a complementary tone range within a fixed EQ curve for deeper color and improved harmonics. Place this KB12 combo upright for rich traditional appeal, or tilt it into the kickback position to focus audio in the exact direction you want it, which helps extend on-stage clarity. A headphone output lets you use this unit quietly for when you need to practice at home, while the XLR direct output offers direct output appropriate for live performances.


Hartke has revamped its acclaimed Kickback 12 Bass Combo with a new high-powered, lightweight design. Retaining the classic enclosure, the Kickback KB12 now features Hartke‘s patented HyDrive Speaker Technology. With 500 watts of Class D power, the Kickback KB12 is ruggedly portable and delivers serious bass tone that cuts through the mix.


The KB12’s 12″ HyDrive speaker features carefully crafted paper/aluminum hybrid cone drivers. The hybrid makeup delivers an exceptional blend of warmth and attack that can’t be attained by traditional all-paper bass speakers. The use of rare earth neodymium magnets also helps to maintain lightweight portability without sacrificing any of the legendary Hartke attack.


Designed to produce a responsive bass tone that’s both tight and warm, the KB12 provides users with comprehensive tone control. Quickly dial in tone adjustments with the Shape knob and full 3-band EQ. When activated, the Shape knob selects the frequency range of a unique, fixed EQ curve, resulting in a greater variety of color and harmonics.


Beyond sitting upright, the KB12 can be placed in “kickback” position for superior directionality and increased high-end clarity on stage. With a headphone output for home practice, an XLR direct output for live performance and a lightweight Class D amplifier, the KB12 is the answer for all bassists.



Hartke first revolutionized the world of bass amplification in 1985. Since, they've developed a full line of gear for a new generation of bass players.
hartke 150x150 - Hartke KB12 500 Watt 1×12″ Hybrid Bass Combo


  • Lightweight Class D amplifier that weighs 28lb
  • 500 watts of power
  • 12″ HyDrive paper/aluminum hybrid cone driver
  • Neodymium magnets
  • 2-way (upright and “kickback”) cabinet design
  • Unique Shape EQ knob with variable filter
  • Full 3-band EQ
  • XLR direct output
  • 1/4″ headphone output
  • 1/4″ passive/active bass input
  • Perforated steel grille
  • Molded strap carry handle