Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary Vintage Ride Cymbal 21"

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Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary 21″ Vintage Ride

The Istanbul Mehmet Signature 61ST Anniversary Vintage Ride with rivets has a very dark, warm, dry sound and a small, very smooth bell. Due to the fact that the cymbal is unlathed it makes this special sound. The rivets in the cymbal provide a sizzle effect. Especially made for the celebration of the 61st year of the production of cymbals by Mehmet Tamdeger.

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thumb 150x150 - Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary Vintage Ride Cymbal 21"


Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary Vintage Ride Cymbal 21″

has been created with todays, modern music in mind, and music of the future.

Istanbul Mehmet’s 61st Anniversary Vintage ride is a unlathed cymbal, providing you with darker, warmer and drier sounds than the classic ride model. Similar to the other 61st Anniversary ride cymbals, this signature cymbal has a small and very smooth bell bridge which allows for precise and fast playing patterns.


Mehmet Tamdeger learned his art from Mikhail Zilcan, the grandson of Kerope Zilcan, after whom the Zilcan K series is named. In the 1950s, he worked in the K. Zilcan factory in Istanbul. At the age of nine Mehmet Tamdeğer started to work for Mikhail Zilcan. Mikhail Zilcan and Kirkor Küçükyan taught him every aspect of this ancient Turkish art, based on a history that stems back to the early 17th century. The Istanbul brand name was adopted by a cymbal works established by two cymbal smiths, Mehmet Tamdeger and Agop Tomurcuk. At that time, they had over three decades of cymbal making experience. Mehmet and Agop named their company after the city that has been home to the epitome of high quality cymbals for many, many years: Istanbul. These cymbals were first exported to the U.S. in 1984, first under the name “Zildjiler”, and soon afterwards as “Istanbul”. Both craftsmen signed each cymbal and many of these cymbals are now collectors’ items. After Agop Tomurcuk’s unexpected death in July 1996, Mehmet decided to continue the production of cymbals under his own name, İstanbul Mehmet. A lot has changed since then, but his belief in the richness and the character of a handmade cymbal will always remain. Machines don’t have ears. That’s why we continue to make our cymbals according to the ancient tradition – with an open eye towards the music that’s being made now, and in the future.



Istanbul Agop Istanbul agop logo.png Type Private Industry Musical instruments Founded 1980; 38 years ago in Istanbul, Turkey Founder Agop Tomurcuk [1] Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey Key people Agop Tomurcuk, Arman Tomurcuk, Serkis Tomurcuk, Mel Lewis Products cymbals Website Istanbul Agop Cymbals is a cymbal producer based in Turkey. Its products are well respected for their unique sound,[2] which is formed by the method and the alloy used, the formula of which is known only to the owners of the firm, Armenians Arman and Sarkis Tomurcuk. It is one of two companies that formed after the split of Istanbul Cymbals.
thumb 150x150 - Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary Vintage Ride Cymbal 21"