Istanbul Mehmet Radiant 14″ Rock Hi Hats

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Radiant Series cymbals are heavier than the Traditional Series and are polished to a brilliant finish. They produce a penetrating sound that fits easily in most pop / rock situations. Ideal for most pop / rock cymbal needs.

thumb 150x150 - Istanbul Mehmet Radiant 14" Rock Hi Hats


Istanbul Mehmet Radiant 14″ Rock Hi Hats

The Istanbul Mehmet Radiant cymbals are able to produce an excellent penetrating sound that is suited for most musical situations, especially pop and rock. Each cymbal in the Radiant Series has been carefully hand polished to create a lovely, brilliant finish. Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon and many more) uses these very Istanbul cymbals and the Radiants are a permanent fixture in his cymbal set-up!

Istanbul Mehmet’s rock hi hats are ideal for louder music styles, especially good for drummers that enjoy playing a lot of Rock. These powerful cymbals have a long tone and spectacular open-volume. The Radiant rock hi hats provide you with everything you could ever want and need from a rock cymbal!



Istanbul Agop Istanbul agop logo.png Type Private Industry Musical instruments Founded 1980; 38 years ago in Istanbul, Turkey Founder Agop Tomurcuk [1] Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey Key people Agop Tomurcuk, Arman Tomurcuk, Serkis Tomurcuk, Mel Lewis Products cymbals Website Istanbul Agop Cymbals is a cymbal producer based in Turkey. Its products are well respected for their unique sound,[2] which is formed by the method and the alloy used, the formula of which is known only to the owners of the firm, Armenians Arman and Sarkis Tomurcuk. It is one of two companies that formed after the split of Istanbul Cymbals.
thumb 150x150 - Istanbul Mehmet Radiant 14" Rock Hi Hats



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