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Kala Ka-8 Eight String Tenor Ukulele


The Kala Gloss Mahogany Series is where you start when looking for a high gloss uke. The Mahogany’s gloss finish brings out the simple elegance of true mahogany wood grain. To tie it all in, we trimmed it with beautiful cream binding, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. For a clear, distinct sound with warm undertones, look no further than this series.

Oxygen Music are proud to stock a wide range of Kala products, including the Kala KA-8 8 String Ukulele.

| UKULELE NOTES | We can add Strap Pins for the wide variety of straps we have from Colonial Straps. |

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Kala Ka-8 Eight String Tenor Ukulele

The Kala Mahogany Series Ukulele offer a full-bodied tone with plenty of “Sweet Highs” and “Mellow Lows”  that combine for a full rich sound. The KA-8 is a beautifull mahogany tenor ukulele with good looks and a warm/mellow tone but the 8 string arrangement gives it a whole lot of Jangle, Chime and Chorus.

You deserve a great playing Ukulele, and that is why every ukulele we sell comes with a comprehensive FREE Setup for Best Play-ability.

You will enjoy the easy playing feel of your new Ukulele Trading Co Ukulele.

All our ukuleles come with a 12 month guarantee from the manufacturer (Kala Brand Music / Ohana Ukulele) All our ukuleles come with our ’30 Day Love it or Return it’ guarantee.

The Concept behind the KA-8 eight string is similar to a 12 string guitar, providing a natural organic chorused sound.

The KA-8 shares a lot with a Mandolin or Tiple in tone, perfect for playing the mandolin parts in country music, but being fitted with Italian Aquila Nylgut strings it won’t tear your finger tips apart like a Mandolins Steel strings will. The tuning is standard ukulele GCEA but with a twist so all your current skills and knowledge is easily transferable.

A really ‘grown up’ tone that is truly unique, a common string arrangement in Hawaii that is finding favor worldwide with many players seeking something NEW.

Traditional white binding on the top and the back accent the high gloss finish, while chrome die-cast tuners assure your instrument will stay in tune.

Impressive, unique and with a big-sound are what you get with the Kala’s KA-8 eight string tenor ukulele.

The G and C strings are doubled with octave pairs, while the E and A strings are in unison.

The KA-8 has a huge amount of ‘Chime and Jangle” to its tone with an incredibly full rich lush sound, it is like two 4 string ukuleles playing together but even more so.

An eight string is played just as you would a 4 string, with the pairs of strings being played as you would a single string. Picked or Strummed the tone is Big and FAT FAT FAT.



The big kahuna of today's Ukulele World. Kala can take you from an Inexpensive Starter ukulele to a Professional Level solid wood piece of art, and everything in-between. Banjoleles, Guitaleles and the world famous UBASS Travel about 30 miles north of San Francisco along the historic 101, past the city’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and you will cross the Sonoma County line and start to see a lot of...well, cows. We are Kala Brand Music Co. and we are from Petaluma, CA. Our hometown is nestled in the Sonoma wine country and a harbor to an eclectic mix of artists, farmers, breweries and tech companies. We are a community deeply rooted in creativity and culture, spread across the many platforms and mediums of art, food, dairy and music.
KALA Logo 150x150 - Kala Ka-8 Eight String Tenor Ukulele


17″ Tenor Scale
27″ Overall body length
11-3/4″ Body length
6 3/4″ Upper Bout
9″ Lower Bout
5 1/4″ Waist
3 1/8″ Body depth
All Mahogany body
Gloss finish
Traditional White Binding w/ Black and White Purfling
19 Silver Nickel Frets
Fret position Marks at 5th,7th,10th and 12th frets on neck and top of 
Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
Mahogany neck
Open geared classic tuners


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