Orange Crush Bass 50 Combo



The Crush Bass 50 Combo delivers bold and punchy lows courtesy of its analogue circuitry and ported cabinetry, lending itself to great dirty tones for some nice British growl and distortion. It draws inspiration from Orange’s flagship OB1 and 4 Stroke amplifiers, bringing defining elements of each into a compact combo which provides the essentials of a practice rig, as well as tone and features usually reserved for the pros.

Offering warm modern cleans through to vintage grind and all the way up to full-on distorted mayhem, players can shape their sound referencing an extremely flexible active EQ section that includes a sweepable parametric mid band, enabling players to shape their sound without limitations. As well, the interactive Gain and Blend controls allow for creating enormous ‘bi-amped’-style tones with ease, adding extra harmonics and variable levels of grit to the core bass tone. They can also be switched in remotely using the optional footswitch. Other handy features include a buffered effects loop, integrated tuner, aux. input and a headphone output with Cabsim circuitry.

With enough volume to stand up in a hefty rehearsal, and such versatile and user friendly tone options, this is a trusty amp for lovers of tone and grit.


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