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Patchblocks Portable 3-Channel Mixer PBMIX3


Patchblocks Portable 3-Channel Mixer PBMIX3

The PBMIX-3 is the latest addition to Mindflood’s Patchblocks family, a range of snap-together synth modules that can be reprogrammed with your own sounds and effects. Unlike its siblings though, the PBMIX-3 isn’t reprogrammable – it’s just a very simple three-channel mixer (four if you count the auxiliary send and return channel) with volume level knobs and two outputs. In fact, it’s only tangentially connected to the other Patchblocks, with the company positioning it as a companion for any synth gear.

All new 3-channel mixer, that is especially designed for the mobile and flexible use case. LiPo battery lasts more than 8 hours. USB Type C charging port. Fluorescent acrylic side panels that glow during usage. Aluminium enclosure. 1 assigned pre-amp channel for instruments. Clipping LED. Send/return is assignable per channel.

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Product description

The PBMIX-3 isn’t the only tiny mixer on the market. Bastl Instruments recently released the AA-powered Dude, and small-format mixers have been available for years, but the PBMIX-3’s power supply is what stands out. Rather than having to plug in the mixer, it’s powered from a built-in, rechargeable battery. This lasts a whopping eight hours, with just two hours needed to charge it. Even better, it charges using an included USB-C cable, meaning you can plug it into a wall adapter or just your laptop. It’s a joy to use, and other companies should consider adopting the idea for their own battery-powered synths.

Of course, as a battery-powered mixer, it plays best with other battery-operated instruments – that is, small devices with minijack outputs. The set of braided minijack cables that can be purchased alongside the mixer work fine with Volcas, Bastl Instruments gear or even Roland Boutique modules, but something like Elektron’s Digitakt – which is highly portable – will need a slightly atypical cable to use. It’s not crucial, but something to consider if most of your gear uses the larger 1/4” jack outputs.


Patchblocks PB

In the very beginning we've developed Patchblocks, small, inexpensive, programmable synthesiser modules that are easy to program with our visual programming editor. Patchblocks are used by musicians, hobbyists and educators to teach music, maths and sound synthesis. Programming for young people and DIY computer kits like the RaspberryPi have become very popular in recent years. We offer products that make programming accessible, collaborative, educational and exciting by using sound instead of a computer screen. The product has gained a lot of popularity through a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2013, which raised over £67.000 within one month. It became available from June 2014 and since then we've build up a large distribution and retain network all over the globe. Queen's University Belfast and the University of Portsmouth use them as part of their curriculum. In November 2014 Mindflood has launched another crowdfunding round via crowdcube.com , which also went pretty successful with an equity funding of £175.000 within 4 weeks.
patchblocks logo 150x150 - Patchblocks Portable 3-Channel Mixer PBMIX3



  • AUX / CUE button
  • 3 Stereo inputs: 3.5 mm mini-jack
  • Channel 1 and 2 with level gain +/- 12 dB
  • Channel thomann 3 with integrated preamp for instruments +/- 24 dB
  • SEND / RETURN Channel can be used as 4th input
  • Stereo line output: 3.5 mm mini-jack
  • Two stereo headphone outputs (MAIN and SEND) 3.5 mm mini-jack
  • Input Impedance: 10 KΩ
  • Output Impedance: 1 Ohm
  • Max. Input signal: 3.4V
  • Stronger input signals are clipped
  • UV LED lit side thomann panels
  • Aluminum housing and controls
  • Volume control
  • Integrated lithium polymer battery (8h running time) via USB Type C cable rechargeable (included)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 150 x 75 x 50 mm
  • Weight without accessories: 265 g
  • Design: Black Orange

Further Information

Further information

Incl. Effects Unit No
19″ thomann Rack Compatible No
Mic Preamps 0
Stereo Inputs 3
Aux 1
Phantom power No
Integratedd Power Supply No
Parametric No
Digital Interface No


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