PCB Design Board PB Patchblocks KB1


PCB Design Board PB Patchblocks KB1

Extend your Patchblocks with 4 additional rotary controllers and a compact one-octave keyboard. The Keyblock can be connected directly to the left of a Patchblock and is powered by the Patchblock’s battery. The 12-button keyboard sends MIDI notes which can be freely assigned within the Patchblock. Furthermore, the octave can be selected by two additional buttons just above the keyboard. The 4 rotary controllers send MIDI CC values, for example to change filters and other parameters within the Patchblocks patch. However, the Keyblock can do even more You can chain together several Keyblocks, just like Patchblocks. This daisy chaining extends the octave range of the keyboard and the number of rotary controls. Combined with a Patchblock and a Midiblock, the Keyblock can mix incoming MIDI messages or send its messages to other MIDI equipment.

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Product description

 Patchblocks are innovative programmable mini synths including software. The Patchblock software editor enables programming each modul individually via USB port, which opens up a wide range of functions. From sinus waves and band passes all the way to bass line arpeggiators and drum sounds, when it comes to creativity the possibilities are endless. Patchblocks allow unlimited reprogramming of each module, are battery-powered and do not require being connected to a PC. Any single patchblock works as a standalone synthesizer/sound modder. Interconnect patchblocks via cables or directly to each other. Patchblocks come with a 3.5mm audio jack which allows using them as stage effects, or trigger-sync’ing them with other devices.The software editor uses a Drag & Drop VPL to combine individual digital sound elements. This allows tunesmiths without any programming skills to develop and use their own synthesizer hardware.


Patchblocks PB

In the very beginning we've developed Patchblocks, small, inexpensive, programmable synthesiser modules that are easy to program with our visual programming editor. Patchblocks are used by musicians, hobbyists and educators to teach music, maths and sound synthesis. Programming for young people and DIY computer kits like the RaspberryPi have become very popular in recent years. We offer products that make programming accessible, collaborative, educational and exciting by using sound instead of a computer screen. The product has gained a lot of popularity through a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2013, which raised over £67.000 within one month. It became available from June 2014 and since then we've build up a large distribution and retain network all over the globe. Queen's University Belfast and the University of Portsmouth use them as part of their curriculum. In November 2014 Mindflood has launched another crowdfunding round via crowdcube.com , which also went pretty successful with an equity funding of £175.000 within 4 weeks.
patchblocks logo 150x150 - PCB Design Board PB Patchblocks KB1


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