Shure PGA48 w/ XLR Cable


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shure logo 150x150 - Shure PGA48 w/ XLR Cable


Shure PGA48 w/ XLR Cable

A quality budget vocal microphone – includes XLR cable
  • Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended. Tuned specifically for vocal applications
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up the most sound from in front of the microphone and some sound from the sides
  • Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil. Handles extreme volume levels without distortion




With a long and storied history, Shure microphones have withstood the test of time. Our mics are the cornerstone for stage and studio sound, from our world-renowned SM58 and SM57, to our superb KSM studio microphones. Wherever sound is amplified or recorded, Shure is there. Rock and roll. The President's podium. Hip-hop and gospel. Network TV. Country and Western. Police radio. Jazz and Blues. The preacher's podium. Show tunes. Garage bands. You name it - we've miked it.
shure logo 150x150 - Shure PGA48 w/ XLR Cable