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Cole Clark

Cole Clark - Fat Lady 2 Blackwood

Cole Clark - Fat Lady 2 Blackwood

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The Cole Clark FL2EC Blackwood/Blackwood is an exceptional acoustic-electric guitar that offers outstanding tone and playability. It is part of the Fat Lady 2 series, featuring body binding and pearl-style snowflake inlays, which enhance its visual appeal. Crafted with a solid Blackwood top, solid Blackwood back and sides, and equipped with a new 3-way pickup system, this guitar delivers a rich and versatile sound. It also comes with a Cole Clark Tweed case for protection and transportation.

The FL2EC Blackwood/Blackwood is known for its exceptional tonal characteristics. The solid Blackwood top provides a warm and balanced tone with great resonance, while the solid Blackwood back and sides contribute to the guitar's overall richness and depth. The combination of these tonewoods results in a well-rounded and expressive sound that suits various musical styles.

Equipped with a new 3-way pickup system developed by Cole Clark, this guitar offers versatile and natural-sounding amplified tones. The pickup system captures the true essence of the instrument's acoustic sound, allowing you to reproduce its rich tones when playing through an amplifier or PA system. Whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio

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