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Vox - AV30

Vox - AV30

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Perfect for the studio or a small club, the AV30 is a fully-featured analog amp that packs decades worth of tones into a compact package. The AV30’s unique multi-circuit analog pre-amp utilizes a 12AX7 tube to provide a full complement of clean, crunch, overdrive, and high gain tones that can be tailored to your liking via the Bright and Fat switches. These classic tones are further enhanced by a customizable, tube equipped analog power section and a unique, sealed speaker enclosure for improved resonance. Rounding out the feature set are three, analog-voiced digital effects including Chorus, Delay & Reverb. The AV30 from VOX is an incredibly versatile amplifier that is packed with pure, analog tone.


POWER 30 Watts
Solid State Power Amp
SPEAKER 10" Celestion  
INPUT 1 x Normal Input Jack
1 x Foot Switch Jack
1 x FX Return Jack
1 x Aux Input Jack
OUTPUT 1 x External Speaker Jack
1 x FX Send Jack
1 x Headphone Jack
CONTROLS Master Power Level,
Effects Level,
Mod/Delay/Reverb Selectors,
Preamp Bright,
Preamp Fat,
Power Amp Bias,
Power Amp Reactor

Channel A: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Preamp Selector
Channel B: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Preamp Selector


Compatible with VFS2 and VFS5 foot switches (not included)

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